Our Commitment to Sustainability

Materials that Make a Difference

Each piece is made with 100% reclaimed wood that is sourced locally (never more than 100 miles) from our shop here in northeastern Illinois. We work with certified tree experts from the Illinois Arborist Association to make sure all of the wood we source is sustainably harvested. Storm-downed and diseased trees that would otherwise be mulched or used as firewood are shaped into timeless pieces of functional artwork for your home or work space. We give the "soul" of a tree a second chance in the form of something useful and beautiful.

Made by Hand  

The most important part of sustainability is building with future generations in mind. By using the strongest traditional joinery methods and taking a thoughtful hands-on approach to building, we are ensuring that each piece will last lifetimes. Our sustainable furniture is truly of heirloom quality.

Designs that Transcend Time

We draw inspiration from the greatest designers and builders that came before us. The simplicity of Shaker-style furniture, the respect for raw materials that motivated the Arts & Crafts Movement, and the creative integration of wood, metal, and other unique materials that was common of the Mid-century era are ideas that motivate us to create well-balanced furniture that is both reminiscent and innovative. In this way our furniture is able to withstand the tests of time visually as well as structurally.

Eco-Friendly Finishes

All of our pieces are finished with low and no-VOC products which means no harmful off-gassing in your home or work place. We believe furniture should add to the health and beauty of your home--never detract from it. Promoting healthy indoor air quality is something that we are proud of.